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Gain control of your data

For more than 20 years we have invested in health information technology to support high quality care. BabySteps, our proprietary neonatal electronic medical record, and Clinical Data Warehouse, recognized as one of the world’s most valuable and robust neonatal outcomes database, serve as the foundation of our neonatal quality improvement efforts at the local, regional and national practice levels. Similarly, Quantum Clinical Navigation System (Quantum), a quality and outcomes data tool, supports our quality improvement efforts for our anesthesia practices. Quantum is certified by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry for reporting physician quality reposting system (PQRS) metrics directly to CMS.

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Why Mednax - Data-driven solutions
Why Mednax - the current health care environment

Stay ahead of the game

The current health care environment makes it increasingly difficult for doctors and hospitals to effectively manage patient care, remain current on the latest procedures and efficiently administer non-clinical activities. The pressures facing the traditional physician group practice are growing. The legal/regulatory environment poses increasing challenges and the administrative costs associated with running a practice are on the rise. The opportunity to off set those costs with increased efficiency are limited. Hospitals and third-party payors face similar challenges – rising costs and increased competition – while hospitals must also deal with limited resources and staffing issues. Paramount to these challenges are the needs of the patient: affordable, high-quality, evidence-based care.

Keep the patient first

Our business model emphasizes a patient-focused clinical approach. We address the needs of our various partners, including hospitals, third-party payors, referring physicians, affiliated physicians and, most importantly, our patients, through a collaborative effort of health care and business professionals.

Our affiliated physicians, who are dedicated to delivering high quality clinical care, work in tandem with business professionals who continuously demonstrate their effectiveness in managing the business aspects of our national group practice. Because our business professionals handle the administrative functions and any operational challenges, our physicians are able to focus exclusively on clinical duties.

Why Mednax - our patient focused clinical approach
Why Mednax - our clinical care model

Promote clinical excellence

Our Center for Research, Education, Quality and Safety (CREQS) offers a complex portfolio of initiatives to help clinicians achieve our mission: take great care of the patient, every day and in every way. Our team is engaged in numerous clinical research projects, multi-disciplinary quality collaboratives and process improvement activities to improve patient safety and outcomes. Our CREQS also offers a broad spectrum of educational activities and conferences for all clinical providers. To learn more about our CREQS and how to get involved, please contact us at CREQS@mednax.com.

Shape the future of medicine

As an accredited provider of continuing medical and nursing education, MEDNAX hosts live conferences and develops online education to support clinicians in a wide variety of areas. One of our current endeavors is an educational program to help address the nation’s opioid crisis, as well as a National Opioid Management Collaborative, which is available to clinicians outside of our organization.

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Plug-in to our national network

MEDNAX is a compelling solution for both our physicians and hospital partners. When faced with the choices of building a business infrastructure on their own or identifying outsourced vendors to provide these services, physician groups are recognizing the benefits of joining a national group practice. We relieve physicians of administrative burdens by providing practice administration such as recruiting, risk management, legal, compliance, managed care contracting, marketing, billing, collections and credentialing. We are certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance Standards for Credentialing Certification, which demonstrates our compliance with the strictest quality standards in the industry.
Our hospital partners benefit from our practice administration expertise as well, as we manage variable admission rates, operating costs, complex reimbursement systems and other administrative burdens.

Why Mednax - our administrative competencies
Why Mednax - thought leadership in our specialties

Partner with industry leaders

MEDNAX is helping forge new ground in medicine through ongoing education, not just for our clinicians, but for all of our peers in the medical community. As an accredited provider of continuing medical and nursing education, MEDNAX hosts live conferences and develops online education to support clinicians in a wide variety of subspecialty areas. The number of clinicians nationally and internationally who participate in these activities is evidence of the depth and breadth of our clinical expertise and position as an industry leader. We also partner with other education providers to deliver exceptional learning experiences aimed at improving clinical knowledge and enhancing patient care.

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