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The BabySteps® Cloud application streamlines crucial data that supports patient care, allowing physicians to spend more time where they're needed most—with patients.

In 2004, Mednax introduced the first iteration of the BabySteps application, which revolutionized neonatal documentation. This proprietary clinical documentation application supports physicians in the administrative side of their responsibilities. When Pediatrix® upgraded BabySteps® to BabySteps® Cloud, the goal was to create an application that would be easy to implement, accessible from anywhere 24/7 and eliminated the need for dedicated hardware or server space.

BabySteps Cloud feeds one of the world's largest repositories of neonatology data. The Pediatrix clinical data warehouse provides frontline providers with near real-time outcomes, process and balancing measures. This allows NICU improvement teams to benchmark their performance internally and against a large national dataset. This neonatology-specific dataset creates the foundation for robust performance work to serve your facility's patients and families. This data is the foundation of over 150 peer-reviewed publications and allows us to make meaningful observations that improve the care we provide.

Clinical Data Warehouse

The Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) is a crucial component of BabySteps Cloud. When information is entered into the BabySteps Cloud application, it is stored in our CDW, one of the most comprehensive neonatal outcomes databases in the world.

Storage in the warehouse allows the data to be de-identified prior to use in research and used to benchmark outcomes, enhance clinical decision making, and promote high-quality clinical practices at the bedside. With this extensive bank of information, providers can compare data from their practice to data from other practices at a local, state, regional, and national level.

BabySteps Cloud is a best-in-class platform that:

Offers cloud-based access from any location

Has the ability to import data into major EHRs for cross-functional system integration

Is available at no cost to hospitals that partner with Pediatrix Medical Group

Built on a modern, sustainable platform with ease of access via a cloud server

Improved clinician efficiency and enhanced patient experience

Includes the power of NEOLogic, a decision model feature that speeds up admissions based on predictive diagnosis options while charting

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