A partnership with Pediatrix is the answer to enhancing your practice’s capabilities. We provide clinical and administrative support while empowering practices to maintain the unique characteristics that have made them successful.

Our practice administration support services include:

Recruiting and credentialing

Legal, risk management and compliance expertise

Managed care contracting, billing and collections

Business development and marketing

With fewer administrative responsibilities, your practice will be able to invest more time and resources into focusing on patient care. The Pediatrix Center for Research, Education, Quality and Safety provides programs for research, education, and quality and safety improvement initiatives that lead to improved outcomes.

Why do so many practices call Pediatrix home?

A culture focused on improving quality and safety

Access to robust clinical systems and data collection tools

Ability to maintain clinical autonomy

Improved operations and financial performance

Collaboration across practices and specialties

Strength in numbers when facing industry challenges

A partnership with Pediatrix enables both hospital- and office-based practices to strengthen their existing clinical relationships while fostering new opportunities for growth. Our partners recognize our strategic capabilities and ability to manage variable admission rates, operating costs, complex reimbursement systems and other organizational realities.

Join our network and experience the benefits of our national medical group.

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