Pediatrix, Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists, is a national network of prenatal clinicians, including maternal-fetal medicine specialists, ultrasound radiologists, obstetricians, advanced practice providers, certified nurse midwives, sonographers and other diagnostic technicians.

In many markets, our affiliated maternal-fetal medicine specialists and pediatric cardiologists collaborate with our OB hospitalists and neonatal physicians to provide coordinated care for expectant mothers with complicated pregnancies.

Maternal-Fetal Care


We provide outpatient and inpatient maternal-fetal care to expectant mothers with complicated pregnancies and their developing babies. Our practices offer a wide range of services, including consultations, prenatal counseling, prenatal screening and complete medical management.

OB/GYN Hospitalist Care


We provide OB/GYN hospitalist services in collaboration with many of our affiliated MFM practices. Our OB/GYN hospitalists perform a variety of services, including consultations, surgery assistance, emergency room coverage and episodic or regular coverage of labor patients.

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