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vRad, a MEDNAX company, is the nation’s leading radiology physician services and telemedicine company. No matter the size or scope of a practice, vRad provides our partners with the ability to deliver high-performance radiology.

Final Reads

Subspecialty-trained radiologists provide immediate, around-the-clock coverage, no matter where the patient is located. The ability to maintain staffing coverage at all times enables our partners to enhance patient care while increasing productivity.

Analytics and Benchmarking

Our clinical database of imaging studies provides the transparency and insight hospitals and radiology groups need to make informed decisions. Comparing metrics through custom views help hospitals better manage costs and improve operations while providing radiology groups with the ability to demonstrate value.

Virtual FTE

Virtual FTE solutions provide the right kind of coverage, exactly when needed. Whether personnel changes are leaving holes or complex situations arise, our partners are able to simplify their staffing while delivering on-demand, subspecialized radiology services.

MEDNAX delivers intuitive, customized solutions to meet your facility’s needs.

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