A secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform, wherever you are.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, access to telehealth solutions that enable the continuation of patient care has become more critical than ever.

Mednax Telehealth, powered by VSee, offers seamless access to a secure, easy-to-use telehealth platform. It allows hospitals and providers to deploy HIPAA-compliant virtual care to patients in a matter of days.

Our platform is fully customizable to meet your needs. With built-in onboarding, scheduling, communication, documentation, payment and revenue cycle management solutions, you’ll experience seamless productivity.

Clinic Management
Built-in scheduling and payment solutions
Scalable and operational in days
24/7 support

Mednax Telehealth Platform Benefits:

Continued access to care during a crisis and beyond

Customizable HIPAA-compliant solution that meets your needs while reducing costs

Full support from experienced and trusted telehealth partners

Access to specialists through a scalable solution that can be operationalized in days

Built-in onboarding, scheduling, communication, documentation, payment and revenue cycle management options

Take great care of the patient®, with the right plan to meet your needs.

Choose from 2 telehealth plans. We support your individualized virtual care goals with customizable options.

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  • Essential Solution:
  • Access to VSee Essential Messenger
  • Access to VSee Essential Virtual Clinic
  • Onboarding
    • Unlimited Video Calls and Secure Messaging
    • Multiparty Video Calls
    • Screenshare and Live Annotation
    • Patient Portal
    • Patient Waiting Room
    • Appointment Scheduling
  • Precision guidance and support for Onboarding, training, workflow optimization for:
    • Virtual urgent care
    • Virtual weekend & nights coverage of a routine service
    • Virtual Add-on to a routine service
    • Virtual pre-op evaluation
    • Virtual post-op evaluation
    • Patient Scheduling
    • Patient Rooming
    • Patient Handoffs
    • Multi-Party Consultations


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  • Enterprise Solution:
  • Access to VSee Enterprise Messenger
  • Access to VSee Enterprise Virtual Clinic
  • Onboarding
  • All Features from STARTER, plus:
    • Customized Clinic Domain
    • Dynamic Patient Routing
    • Documentation
    • Online Credit Card and E-Payment
    • E-Prescription
    • Surveys
    • Clinic Administration
    • Reporting
    • Health Device Integration
  • STARTER service plus:
  • Precision guidance and support for Onboarding, training, workflow optimization and Clinic Configuration for: 
    • Patient Onboarding to Platform
    • Patient Follow Up Instructions
    • Documentation
    • Image Viewing Options
    • mHealth Integration Options
    • Remote Patient Monitoring
    • Customized Virtual Landing Page and Branding consultation
    • Marketing/Promotion guidance
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