Expectant mom Sarah Sartorius had been feeling sick and thought she had the flu, but it turned out she had developed a staph infection in her uterus. When she was at the hospital being treated for her own illness, the doctors noticed her baby’s heart rate went down and they had to deliver her by emergency Cesarean section. Baby Remi was born four months early at Mercy Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Mo. weighing just over a pound. MEDNAX-affiliated neonatologist, Dr. Heather Hall, said at that weight, Remi was considered a micro premature infant and high risk. After spending 153 days in the hospital, she is now comfortable at home and her prognosis looks good. Dr. Hall credits advancements in medicine and Remi’s family for her survival. While she still has some challenges and will have to be monitored, she is overall very healthy. 

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