Most radiologists believe artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will enable them to do their part in reading scans more expertly and efficiently, which ultimately will lead to better patient care. They are already seeing that scenario play out with AI applications for CT. vRad, a MEDNAX company, manages the distribution of 16,000 patient imaging studies every 24 hours, 95% of which are emergent. As part of ongoing testing, vRad has run an AI program in the background that designated studies as having life-threatening emerging abnormalities. The data were then used to expedite the distribution and reading of those studies to its radiologists. Benjamin W. Strong, MD, CMO of vRad, says being able to run AI in the background on its CT scans has been “an absolute boon for us.” The early algorithms that “we have tested have been good enough to use in that way,” he says. “We find they have fair sensitivity and good specificity.”

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