William Trawick, MEDNAX-affiliated neonatal nurse practitioner at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage, had an instrumental role in establishing the Neonatal Abstinence Evaluation Support and Treatment (NEST) Unit five years ago. The program treats newborns who are experiencing withdrawal from drugs and medications after birth, supporting babies and their parents in a way that is neither stigmatizing nor shaming. “These families, whether they admit it or not, feel guilty,” Trawick said. “They wouldn’t choose this for their children or themselves, but addiction is a disease that suspends your ethics and morality. Makes you beholden to it. So we don’t point fingers here.” According to Trawick, another key element in NEST success is keeping moms and dads with their children. “I always say that parents make the best parents. There’s something I can’t replicate for a particular child, nor should I try if we have a family that can care for their child.”

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