Courtney Stensrud and her husband call their fun-loving, spunky daughter a miracle. The now 3-year-old girl was born at just 21 weeks and four days gestation. “She may be the most premature known survivor to date,” according to a case report about her birth published in the journal Pediatrics. Just after Stensrud gave birth, Dr. Kaashif Ahmad, a MEDNAX-affiliated neonatologist at Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas and lead author of the case report, counseled her about the baby’s extremely low chances of survival and initially counseled against resuscitating the baby. But Stensrud asked that he try, and Ahmad said he would. He pointed out that Stensrud’s daughter was one case, and more research needs to be done on preterm births lower than 22 weeks. “We have to be very cautious about generalizing one good outcome to a larger population,” Ahmad said. In the new case report, Ahmad and his colleagues describe how they resuscitated Stensrud’s daughter and how she needed prolonged care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). She did not develop any auditory or visual impairments or cerebral palsy, according to the report, and she now attends preschool. “From the moment she entered this world, she’s just always wanted to live,” Stensrud said of her daughter. “Now, she lives life.”

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Photo courtesy Courtney Stensrud

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