The State of the Union Address on February 4 included recognition of an incredible success story where the life of a 21-week premature baby, Ellie Schneider, was saved at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City. Ellie was one of the youngest babies in the U.S. to survive. “The best recognition we get is when we get hugs from grateful parents, and pictures when they turn one or when they graduate from high school,” said Dr. Barbara Carr, Pediatrix-affiliated neonatologist and medical director. “But it is also nice to get this type of recognition, as well, of the work that we’re doing.” According to Dr. Carr, success begins with excellent care before the baby is born, which was the case with Ellie. “We start with what we call our golden hour, and that really is a very coordinated effort of care in the first hour to two hours of life,” said Dr. Carr.

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