While severe COVID-19 cases are rare among children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that hospitalization rates are increasing. Children with severe COVID-19 can develop serious problems, such as diabetic ketoacidosis and intestinal blockage, and are susceptible to developing multisystem inflammatory disease (MIS-C) weeks after being infected. “It is a scary situation,” said Dr. Zachary Hoy, Pediatrix-affiliated pediatric infectious disease specialist at Nashville Pediatric Infectious Disease in Tennessee. Since August, Dr. Hoy has witnessed four cases of MIS-C among previously healthy children. One of the worst cases involved a 16-year-old football player who was gearing up for his fall season. Another was an energetic 10-year-old who loved to ride horses and tractors on her family farm. “Her family knew something was wrong when she didn’t want to ride four-wheelers anymore,’’ he said.

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