During the height of Texas’ historic winter storm, baby Zaylynn was born premature at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Marble Falls. She was 24 weeks and weighed one pound. To receive the specialized neonatal care she required, she needed to be transferred to a larger facility, which was nearly impossible due to the inclement weather conditions. Dr. John Loyd, Pediatrix-affiliated neonatologist and division chief of neonatology at Dell Children’s in nearby Austin, answered the call for help. He packed his SUV with NICU equipment and set out for a treacherous two-hour drive to Marble Falls along with two NICU nurses. The two teams worked together throughout the night to care for Zaylynn until conditions improved and she was able to be transported to Dell Children’s the next day. “The response to this was what health care really should be all about, which is, how can we go help,” Dr. Loyd said. “Everyone else did the same thing,” he said. “They rallied. They colored outside the lines. They worked flexibly with each other, and because of that, little Zaylynn has a very reasonable chance of surviving and doing all the things we as parents want our children to do.”

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