Two years ago, Alexis Dunn, certified nurse midwife at MEDNAX-affiliate, Northside Women’s Specialists in Atlanta, and teacher at Emory School of Nursing, was assigned to help Erin Biehler through her delivery. When Biehler’s labor wasn’t progressing, she suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Fluid from her uterus had spilled into her bloodstream, triggering a rare, deadly chain reaction known as an amniotic fluid embolism. Dunn instinctively knew something was very wrong and Biehler was rushed into an emergency C-section, as a team of specialists took over. She scrubbed in to help safely deliver baby Kennedy, and mom awoke 12 hours later in the ICU. Biehler believes she’s here today because of Dunn’s quick thinking – “grateful is an understatement,” she said.


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