A medical procedure performed for the first time in Florida has given a woman new hope after a series of brain aneurysms deprived her of two of her senses. “Several aneurysms sometimes is a death sentence, so it’s a very dangerous disease,” said Dr. Italo Linfante, MEDNAX-affiliated physician at the Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute in Kendall, Fla. “It’s like having a bomb in someone’s brain, and what we do is we defuse this bomb, so we secure it and it doesn’t burst and bleed anymore.” Dr. Linfante and his staff, working with specialists at the Baptist Health Neuroscience Center, was able to plug the aneurysms in a minimally invasive manner. A brand-new stent-like device got the job done safely. The medical team, the first in Florida to use the device, said it will allow many aneurysms that were thought to be untreatable to be cured. “Some of these aneurysms could not be treated a few years ago, and not only that, when they were treated, their complication rates were very high, and a lot of them would recur in the case of the large and giant aneurysms,” said Dr. Guilherme Dabus, MEDNAX-affiliated physician at the Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute. “So, of course, being able to offer this type of treatment here has been life-changing for most of our patients.”

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