Veronica Markley was just over 30 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with COVID last spring. As her condition deteriorated, she was admitted to the ICU at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver and put on a ventilator. “She was appropriately full of fear as she was about to be intubated because it is an absolutely terrifying experience and she was feeling so terrible,” said Dr. Bronwen Kahn, maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Obstetrix Medical Group of Colorado. While severe cases in pregnant women have been rare, Kahn says that most will fully recover. “Many do actually. So, pregnancy is a risk factor for more severe illness but only by a few percentage points,” said Kahn. “So for example, influenza and other respiratory viruses really hit pregnant women much harder than the Coronavirus does and we feel very fortunate for that.” Two weeks after being admitted, Veronica was discharged and in June 2020, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. “We were so thrilled that she’s done so well,” said Kahn. “She sent me some gorgeous pictures of her beautiful baby and her older toddler, and I was able to take those downstairs to our ICU staff and they were thrilled. It just fills our hearts with so much reward. We don’t often get that kind of really happy feedback, especially in the ICU, and the staff really expressed their gratitude to Veronica for reaching back out with her beautiful pictures and her really amazing success story.”

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