After the deaths of more than 20 infants so far this year in Nevada, authorities are warning the community about a silent killer that could lie in their own homes: so-called crib death. “Crib death,” also known as SIDS, is the sudden and unexplained death of an apparently healthy infant under one year of age. It occurs most commonly in babies between the age of two and four months. While SIDS occurs during sleep, pediatricians say there are factors that increase the risk, such as sharing a bed with a baby, or what is known as co-sleeping. “We must follow an ABC rule, which indicates that a baby should always sleep alone, face up, lying on its back, and they should always sleep in their crib,” said Dr. Ellen Fitzpatrick, MEDNAX-affiliated pediatric hospitalist at Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas. “A crib where blankets, pillows, or if the crib is near a window and there are curtains; all these elements can cause the baby to get tangled and choke.” In addition to highlighting the importance of following the recommendations of the AAP, Fitzpatrick added that although babies should sleep alone in their crib, it is important that the bed is kept in the parents’ room so they can keep an eye on their children.

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