MEDNAX-affiliated pediatric surgeon, Dr. Corey Iqbal at Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Kansas, has performed dozens of surgeries to correct sunken chest condition but Matt Besch is his first patient to try an experimental suction device, which is called a vacuum bell. While there’s not much data on it, Iqbal is open to help Besch try the device after reviewing the pros and cons. The risks seem minimal, Iqbal said, and the benefits potentially large. If the device works on Besch, it might help him and future patients avoid surgery. This year, Iqbal became one of the first physicians in the region to offer adults the Nuss procedure, a surgery to correct sunken chest that entails inserting a metal bar through a small incision and then using it to expand the ribcage.

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Photo source: Andy Marso/The Kansas City Star

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