Today, if you’re a hiring manager, you’re probably keenly aware that filling empty positions has gotten harder over the past year. So how do you find the best qualified candidate? Asking questions about topics like motivation and familiarity with technology can help both hiring managers and candidates find the pairing that will best fulfill everyone’s needs. “Find out what the person is looking for. What’s important to them in a practice, and why are they talking to you,” says Tricia Sickmann, vice president of human resources and medical services for teleradiology provider vRad, a MEDNAX company. “Are they interested in things specific to you? That way you can see if they’re truly interested in your group or if they’re just seeing what’s out there.” Familiarity with technology is another common subject. vRad provides extensive guidance on its teleradiology technology, pairing new hires with another radiologist in the practice who functions as a radiology adviser. Ultimately, Sickmann says you want to make the candidate feel special. “Make sure you take the time to answer their questions and be responsive to them. And, if it’s not going to work out, let them know it won’t be a good fit, and tell them why. Don’t drag it all out too long.”

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