Staffers at Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio are celebrating a medical milestone: they’ve successfully completed the first pediatric general robotic surgery. When nine-year-old Isabella Serna was diagnosed with a cyst in her esophagus, Dr. Michael Megison, MEDNAX-affiliated pediatric surgeon, recommended robotic surgery. It’s an option that offers an advantage over conventional techniques, giving surgeons more precision, flexibility and control. “Being able to get around corners and do anything that you can do with your wrist, whereas normal laparoscopic instruments can only move in and out, grasp and rotate,” Megison said. “Dr. Megison was super awesome,” said mom, Mandy Serna. “He explained everything, very, very thoroughly and answered the questions before we had them.” The surgery went like clockwork, and Dr. Megison was able to remove the cyst leaving minimal scars, allowing a faster recovery. He says robotic surgery will eventually become more of an option in some complex pediatric cases but will not replace conventional techniques.

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