Most pregnancies go well without complications and most moms give birth to full-term, healthy babies. But if there are complications that could affect a babies’ health, or if the baby has a condition that needs specialized care at birth, they need a higher level of care that a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) can provide. North Central Baptist Hospital in San Antonio offers premier neonatal care through its Level 4 NICU. “If the mother has any kind of preexisting medical conditions, she would have a high-risk pregnancy and would want to be in a place to deliver a high-risk baby,” said Dr. Mary Wearden, MEDNAX-affiliated neonatologist and medical director. The hospital takes great pride in its emphasis on family-centered care, which is evident at the annual NICU reunions where families and staff reunite. “Our unit was designed for family-centered care, so we want the parents to be part of the care team. We want them to be present at the bedside as much as possible. Our visitation is open 24/7 so mom and dad can come in anytime and visit.”

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