Throughout the month of February, all Austin, Texas newborns born at participating hospitals will be gifted with little red hats as part of the American Heart Association’s “Little Hats, Big Hearts” program, which raises awareness for heart disease and congenital heart defects – the most common type of birth defect in the U.S. “One percent of babies born in the United States are born with a heart defect, so that’s almost 40 thousand babies every year,” said MEDNAX-affiliated pediatric hospitalist, Dr. Nishi Rane, at St. David’s Medical Center. The staff makes sure to educate new parents on heart problems, and encourages them to eat healthy and exercise. “Right after birth, babies may not have symptoms of such a heart defect, which is kind of scary. Once they go home, babies can have trouble breathing, they can turn cyanotic – which basically means they can turn blue – they can get tired as they eat, they can essentially go into shock, and that happens when there’s no blood flow to your vital organs.”

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