Some parents are concerned about vaccinating their low-risk children before there’s more safety-related data available. However, experts have confirmed that the technology being used in both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been studied for decades. And while children generally fall into the “low-risk” category, Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) can affect multiple organs, and some children who have been hospitalized can experience a long recovery. “Children have a lower risk of contracting COVID, but there are still rare cases of MIS-C that can affect children several weeks after COVID infection that could be prevented by vaccination,” said Dr. Zachary Hoy, Pediatrix-affiliated pediatric infectious disease specialist at Nashville Pediatric Infectious Disease in Tennessee. “Also, it can take up to two weeks to build up vaccine titers, so I would recommend children who are able to get vaccinated as soon as available in the local community.” 

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