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  • OB Hospitalist - An OB hospitalist is an obstetrician who has earned an undergraduate degree and completed four years each of medical school and residency training in the medical specialty of obstetrics and gynecology. OB hospitalists specialize in […]

What does an OB hospitalist do?

OB hospitalists are trained to handle a variety of pre- and post-pregnancy situations, ranging from natural births to emergency C-sections. Should you require immediate care, our team of trained OB hospitalists have the clinical skills required to care for you and are ready to help.

Our physicians remain current in the latest advancements in obstetrics through advanced continuing education and simulation training and share information with other members of your care team. As an affiliate of Obstetrix Medical Group, a national provider of maternal-fetal and obstetric services, we also have the ability to share knowledge with a diverse network of maternal-fetal and OB specialists. These experiences provide additional skills that allow us to act quickly and confidently in emergent situations.


How does an OB hospitalist benefit me?

The availability of OB hospitalists is associated with improved patient safety and outcomes and a reduced rate of C-sections. Recent data indicates there is also a likely reduction in unexpected newborn complications. You can take comfort in knowing that your hospital is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by our team of experienced OB hospitalists. If you have an urgent need to be seen by on obstetrician, one is available to you whether late at night, weekends or holidays, or if your primary care provider is unavailable due to vacation or an unexpected event.

Our constant presence in the hospital provides you with additional comfort and security. During your hospital stay we will remain in constant contact with your nursing team to maintain an awareness of your condition and can step in to provide immediate treatment if the need arises.


What if I am a high-risk patient?

Our clinicians maintain an awareness of all our patient needs and collaborate with maternal-fetal medicine specialists and neonatologists in the care of high-risk maternity patients. By being aware of your condition and maintaining constant supervision, our team of OB hospitalists are able to closely monitor you and your baby, helping prevent certain complications.

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