Members of the Care Team

  • Advanced Practice Provider - Advanced practice providers are registered nurses with a master’s degree that have received advanced training in a variety of fields, including developmental pediatrics, pediatric cardiology and pediatric intensive care.
  • Pediatric Intensivist - A pediatric intensivist, also called a pediatric critical care physician, is a specialist within the medical field. They earned this designation by undergoing training in pediatrics and completing three years of additional training in pediatric […]

What is a PICU?

The pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) is a special intensive care unit dedicated to the care of critically-ill or injured infants and children. Children who are critically-ill or injured may require careful monitoring, medication and treatment in the PICU. Pediatric intensivists treat many conditions, including asthma, complications of diabetes, severe infection, and serious injury from an accident or a near drowning. They also care for children with special needs, including those who require long-term ventilation.


When will the child be able to go home?

The doctor will decide when it’s time for a child to go home. But even after the child leaves the PICU, he or she may still need special treatment. The child’s clinician will help make sure caregivers have the information needed to care for the child at home, as well as help arrange for follow-up care.

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