American Anesthesiology of the Southeast’s Patient Care Promise

Anesthesia is not something you typically think about until you need it. That is why American Anesthesiology of the Southeast thinks about it for you. We care about our patients and we exhibit this care and understanding every day by:

Caring About Your Comfort
American Anesthesiology of the Southeast cares about your comfort which is why our physicians closely monitor and control post-operative pain as well as nausea. Using Quantum Clinical Navigation System™ (Quantum CNS), our state-of-the-art clinical quality system, patient satisfaction results are recorded for most patients.

These efforts have helped us achieve nearly perfect patient satisfaction scores; 98% of patients rate the care we provide as “very good” or “excellent.” Using Quantum Clinical Navigation System, a state-of-the-art clinical quality system, we are able to record satisfaction scores for most patients.

Caring About Your Safety
Your safety is our physicians’ primary focus. We exhibit our commitment through the use of Quantum CNS which tracks 90+ quality indicators for virtually every patient. Our utilization of Quantum and commitment to safety was recognized with Charlotte Business Journal’s Excellence in Healthcare Award.

Caring About Your Needs
Your medical needs are unique. For this reason, American Anesthesiology of the Southeast’s anesthesiologists are fellowship and specialty trained in:

  • Ambulatory Care Anesthesia
  • Orthopedic Anesthesia
  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Trauma Anesthesia
  • Acute Pain
  • Chronic Pain

Caring about your safety, needs and comfort are the cornerstones of American Anesthesiology of the Southeast’s Patient Care Promise. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

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