Pediatric & Adolescent Cosmetic Procedures

For school-age children, young adolescents and teenagers, looking or feeling different from others in their class can greatly reduce their sense of self-worth and affect everything from their grades to their attitude. At the Atlantic Center we understand the pain and emotional trauma many young people may go through as a result of enlarged or abnormally shaped features.

Dr. Stelnicki offers a range of cosmetic procedures modified specifically for the needs of younger patients. The doctor's compassion and empathy enable him to establish trust with young patients and gain a better understanding of each patient's treatment needs.

Common pediatric and cosmetic procedures performed at the Atlantic Center include:

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

Nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, may be performed in adolescents whose nose has reached its full size, typically between the ages of 15 and 17. 

Dr. Stelnicki may perform elective cosmetic rhinoplasty on psychologically mature patients to improve the appearance of the nose and help resolve self-esteem issues from an enlarged or misshapen nose. This procedure can be done at any age. 

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ears that are misshapen or very prominent may be treated with otoplasty, or ear surgery, to help improve or minimize their appearance and balance and restore facial proportions. Ear surgery can be performed for children who have completed growth. Split, torn or sagging earlobes can also be repaired quickly and easily in one of our offices.

Ear surgery is usually performed anywhere from birth to adulthood and timing of the surgery is based on disorder and what is best at a given age based on the growth of the child. Children with ears that stick out are often teased, and this procedure can help boost a child’s self-confidence.

Ear Piercing

We offer pediatric ear piercing for about the same price as ear piercing at the mall, but in a more sterile environment. This may be performed as a separate service or while your child is under sedation for another procedure. We pierce ears in our office as well as the OR. 

Breast Reduction for Males (Gynecomastia Repair)

Young males who have gynecomastia, which causes them to develop breasts due to excess tissue, often suffer from self-esteem issues. Our surgeons can remove this fatty tissue to give young adults and older teenagers a normal appearance.

Pediatric Breast Reduction in Females

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is performed to reduce head, neck or back pain caused by excessively large breasts, as well as to create a symmetrical appearance. 

Breast reduction surgery can reduce skin irritation from bra straps and irritation or rashes under the breast caused from skin-to-skin contact of breasts on the torso.

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