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Body contouring involves the removal of excess skin and fat to optimize your shape and size. At the Atlantic Center of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we specialize in high-definition liposuction; Mommy Makeovers; and post-partum, post-bariatric or massive weight-loss surgeries. These procedures are performed to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.

We strive for natural-looking, beautiful results that allow you to be the best versions of yourself. We respect the need for privacy and the importance of education so that you can be informed and involved in the planning of your procedure(s).

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)


Abdominoplasty (also known as a Tummy Tuck) flattens the abdominal area by removing loose, excess fat or skin. Further, it tightens the muscles located in the abdominal wall. Sometimes, it can remove some (or all) stretch marks in the lower abdomen. Abdominoplasty is a very popular procedure for those finished with pregnancy, massive weight loss or a flabby abdomen resulting from the weak muscles that take away body contour. This procedure is also known to result in improved self-esteem.

The following lists when to consider this procedure:

  • Those having loose, sagging excess skin and stretch marks located around the abdomen area that can’t be improved by diet or exercise.
  • If pregnancy or massive weight loss has affected the body’s shape.
  • Protruding abdomen or if the contour of the stomach has negatively affected your self-confidence.

This surgical procedure can restore a flat tummy and improve the fitting of clothes while giving a more youthful-looking physique and physical appearance. However, it will leave a scar in the location of the bikini area. The surgical results can also be negatively influenced if you undergo another pregnancy or gain weight.

Detailed Information:

During the performance of this surgical procedure, the excess skin will be removed, and the muscles in the abdomen area will be tightened with sutures. 

There are three different types and approaches for the tummy tuck procedure—a full abdominoplasty, mini abdominoplasty and an extended or high lateral tension abdominoplasty. 

  • Full Abdominoplasty: An incision is placed across the lower abdomen and around the navel. Then the loose, sagging skin is removed while the muscles are tightened (and sometimes liposuction is performed to contour the abdomen). This takes away the excess skin located above the navel down to the pubic area. 
  • Mini Abdominoplasty: An incision is placed in the lower region of the pubic area, around a few inches to the entire abdomen. The loose, excess skin will be removed with muscle tightening (while sometimes liposuction is used to further the refinement of the area). This is usually recommended to those who possess laxity or protrusion in the lower naval region or are in good shape but have found it nearly impossible to achieve goals in their physical appearance through dieting and exercise. 
  • Extended or High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty: Has a longer incision if the excess skin is located in the love handle or hip area. A deep tissue layer is used to maintain the repair while also including a tummy tuck in the front abdomen, transferring the lift over the hip to the thigh to improve contour. This can be advanced by taking the skin on the sides of the waist and pulling upward. This is recommended to those after major weight loss or pregnancy. 

In a full abdominoplasty, the incision goes from hipbone to hipbone. Based on patient preferences and correction, the doctors at the Atlantic Center will determine the shape and length of the incision. For a mini tummy tuck, the incision can be placed as low as possible. Then, with an extended abdominoplasty, the incisions are longer and usually higher than more traditional scars in other abdominoplasty procedures. 

For the recovery time, a tummy tuck can range from a period of 6 months or more. During the first few days after surgery, the top priority is managing pain and staying clear of anything that can cause complications. During the next few weeks, the most important step is to regain movement and fitness. Then after several months, this is the time you can evaluate the results and outcome of the surgery.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift, also known as butt augmentation, uses your own fat to increase the size of your derrière and give you perkier buttocks. During the procedure, our cosmetic surgeons will perform liposuction to remove fat from two or more areas of your body and then inject it into your buttocks.

Our cosmetic specialists recommend butt augmentation to rejuvenate the area and treat flat, disproportionate, asymmetrical or sagging buttocks. The area is contoured for a natural appearance.

Body Contouring & Liposuction

When you haven’t achieved the sculpted appearance you desire with diet and exercise, our cosmetic surgeons can contour your body for a more refined appearance using one or a combination of procedures. We offer the following body contouring procedures in our South Florida offices:

  • Tummy tuck to treat sagging and excess skin around the belly while removing abdominal fat
  • Arm lift to treat sagging and excess skin from the upper arms
  • Thigh lift to treat sagging and excess skin from the inner, outer and mid-thigh
  • Liposuction, in which excess fat is broken up and suctioned out of the body, can be used to treat the neck, chin, upper arms, back, abdomen, thighs and calves. We often use liposuction combined with other procedures to help contour the body.

Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty

To rejuvenate the vagina and labia after childbirth, or if the aging process has caused stretching, discoloration, discomfort or sagging, our discreet cosmetic surgeons perform labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.

A labiaplasty reduces the size or shape of the labia minora (the small inner folds of the vulva) to improve intimacy while eliminating pain during exercise or intercourse. Darkened or lengthened tissue of the labia may be removed for a more youthful, symmetrical appearance.

Vaginoplasty narrows the vaginal canal and opening for improved comfort and satisfaction during intercourse and repairs any damage from childbirth. Our cosmetic surgeons can restore vaginal tightness to the way you felt before having children.

Post-Obesity Surgery

Weight loss is a great way to improve your physical health, reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes. It also helps you feel better about your body.

However, sagging or excess skin after significant weight loss can be discouraging. Excess skin leaves you at a greater risk of rashes and skin infections from overhanging skin. At the Atlantic Center, we offer post-obesity surgery to contour the body so patients can celebrate their weight loss success with an improved appearance.

Our plastic surgeons can give you the body you’ve always wanted, so you look and feel your best every day. Call 954-983-1899 or request an appointment online with one of our South Florida plastic surgeons at the office nearest you.

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