About Us

Austin’s First Steps is a high-risk NICU follow-up clinic. Our goal is to identify developmental, nutritional and related health problems early in an attempt to assist in and improve the long-term outcome and medical care of high-risk infants. We provide:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations including medical, developmental, cognitive and neurobehavioral assessments at various intervals up to 6 years of age.
  • Therapeutic recommendations such as early intervention, speech, occupational, physical therapy and equipment recommendations.
  • Educational materials for parents and/or caregivers to enhance their understanding so that they can help their child reach his or her potential.
  • Written information about resources that may enhance the child’s development.
  • Collaboration and case management with other medical providers, community partners and the medical home.
  • Co-management and assistance with tube feedings including feeding volume adjustments.

Additional services include:

  • Weight checks to monitor adequate weight gain and growth.
  • Circumcisions for infants less than one month old.
  • Synagis shots to prevent RSV infections through the winter RSV season.
  • Car seat testing.
  • Hearing screenings for newborns who did not receive one prior to discharge or were not born in a hospital facility.
  • Parent support through our partnership with Hand to Hold.

Our Mission

Austin’s First Steps aims to provide quality, family centered care to our patients. We are committed to the goal of providing care consistent with the best clinical practices and supportive of each child’s medical home. We serve as advocates for children who either have or may be at risk for developing special health care needs through education and collaboration with other members of the community.

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