Kimberly Schmitz

Kimberly Schmitz, R.N., CDCES

  • Nurse Training

    Palm Beach State College

Board Certifications

  • Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES)

Kimberly Schmitz is a registered nurse and certified diabetic care and education specialist (CDCES). For more than 40 years, she has worked with high-risk pregnant women in Palm Beach County, Florida. She strives to give optimum care to patients to achieve the best possible outcomes for babies.

Kim has nearly 20 years of experience in labor and delivery, postpartum, antepartum, OB operating room, nursery and maternal-fetal transport. She has worked in prenatal home health care, evaluating and treating patients in their setting. Kim has also handled case management for OB patients and has worked as an insulin-pump trainer. She has worked in a high-risk maternal-fetal medicine office for more than 20 years as a nurse and certified diabetic educator.

Kim enjoys working for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists of Boca Raton as a diabetic educator with Dr. Caroline Stella. In her role, she provides newly diagnosed diabetic patients with a comprehensive program that assists them on how to adjust to their new lifestyle.

Kim provides high-quality individual and comprehensive care and support for type 1, type 2 and prediabetics. Face-to-face sessions with handouts provide patients with quality education. Preconceptual diabetic education consultations are available for patients who want to give their babies the best start. She educates patients about using a meter, testing and the importance of reporting blood sugars. Diet control, carbohydrate counting, label-reading and a list of low-carbohydrate snacks are provided to her patients.

During patient visits, she explains the complications of uncontrolled blood sugars and the possibility of medication use in pregnancy, with a demonstration of insulin use. She discusses hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic reactions and how to correct them. In addition, she explains the importance of antenatal testing, including the non-stress test, biophysical profile and fetal kick counts for patients’ unborn babies.

Kim has been married to her husband, Jim, for 39 years. Together, they have three children and four grandchildren.

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