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Beginning January 1, 2020, Washington state law protects you from ‘surprise billing’ or ‘balance billing’ if you receive emergency care or are treated at an in-network hospital or outpatient surgical facility. Please review the following:

Surprise Billing Notice
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The physicians and nurse practitioners of Obstetrix of Washington provide full spectrum care to mothers and families with high risk pregnancies. We believe it is important to ensure every patient is supported and safely cared for regardless of her medical, financial or personal challenges. Our group functions in a team approach, and we have several offices throughout the region to best serve our patients and their physicians. We work closely with pregnancy focused nutritionists, sonographers and radiologists, diabetic educators, genetic counselors, and perinatal social workers to provide the most comprehensive approach possible. Common conditions we see include, but are not limited to, entities such as: diabetes or hypertension affecting pregnancy; fetal birth defects, syndromes, or genetic abnormalities; and abnormalities of the placenta.

We offer management through pregnancy and childbirth for complicated pregnancies including prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum follow up; prenatal diagnosis with amniocentesis, CVS, detailed ultrasound and fetal echocardiography; and assistance, guidance, consultation and education to referring providers, community physicians and midwives to facilitate optimal supervision of high risk pregnancy care.

Our mission is to guide mothers and families through the most emotionally and physically challenging situations in a compassionate, professional and dedicated manner.

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