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Obstetrix Medical Group of Indiana specializes in the care and treatment of pregnant women who are considered high risk. A high-risk pregnancy can result from conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, multiple gestation, family history of genetic diseases, recurrent miscarriage, suspected fetal birth defects, and other such complications.

We deliver patient-centered care and can provide full prenatal care at the recommendation of your physician. Our diverse group of Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, also called perinatologists, are board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and maternal-fetal medicine. Our care team includes high-risk sonographers, specially trained nurses, and genetic counselors. We are supported by adult and pediatric subspecialties including pulmonology, cardiology, metabolic, genetics, neurology, nephrology, gastroenterology, and more. We create a personalized plan of care for you and your baby, working with your doctor, which offers best-in-care practices to both mother and baby.

We proudly serve patients in northern, central and southern Indiana. Telemedicine appointments available with geneticists and physicians.

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COVID Resources for Patients

During the COVID-19 crisis, our patients and their families remain our priority. To ensure access to care while minimizing potential COVID-19 exposure, we’re working closely with internal experts, hospital partners and health care authorities at the national, state and county levels to implement and adapt care protocols in real-time.

Despite this global pandemic, we are focused on the future; we’re working collaboratively across the continuum of care to understand better—and reduce—the impact of COVID-19 on the patients we serve.

Our practice has compiled a body of helpful resources and guidelines from trusted sources for our patients during the COVID-19 healthcare crisis. We hope that providing the quick references below will assist you in navigating the rapidly changing environment surrounding the COVID-19 crisis and how it relates to pregnancy. Our mission is to provide superior quality healthcare services, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent care.

COVID-19 and pregnancy patient resources:

GYN Ultrasounds

In addition to supporting high-risk pregnant patients, we perform GYN ultrasounds at our Indianapolis location and all ultrasound techs and physicians interpreting GYN scans are IOTA certified.

Genetic Counseling

We offer the services of specially trained and highly experienced genetic counselors who can help our patients understand the complex issues surrounding pregnancy and family illness.

Sometimes it is possible to avoid problems rather than manage them. Couples with medical problems, family or personal histories of birth defects or genetic disease, or problems with prior pregnancies often benefit from consulting with our genetic counselors and physicians prior to a pregnancy.

These services can be arranged through our Indianapolis, South Bend and Evansville offices for both in-person and via telehealth as we strive to optimize outcomes for each and every patient.

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