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We’re excited to now offer mobile check-in! Please look for an email/text message a few days before your appointment from Phreesia, our new check-in system. You can confirm your appointment via text message or email, and check in online prior to your visit. You can also check in on your own device when you arrive.

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Pediatrix Orthopedics of San Antonio is a group of physicians who are board-certified and fellowship-trained in pediatric orthopedic surgery. Pediatric orthopedics is the medical and surgical specialty dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and injuries of the musculoskeletal system of children.

Pediatrix Orthopedics of San Antonio has been treating children with musculoskeletal conditions for more than 25 years. The practice was founded to fulfill a community need, and it has grown to include four physicians and our excellent support staff. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing quality health care to all San Antonio and surrounding area children from newborn to 18 years of age. Common conditions we treat include broken bones, sports injuries, congenital disorders (such as club feet and dislocated hips) and disorders of the spine (such as scoliosis).

Our clinic office is located in the Methodist Plaza building, and surgeries are performed at the adjacent Methodist Children’s hospital.

We now have kid-friendly, low-dose, digital x-ray equipment. We employ x-ray specialists and cast technicians.

Your child will receive exceptional medical care and unmatched personal attention at Pediatrix Orthopedics of San Antonio. Our medical assistants will follow your child’s case to keep you informed about his or her condition and treatment.

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Schedule an Appointment

Appointments are scheduled 20 minutes apart, and our office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. All appointments are made via telephone. Please call our appointment schedulers at 210-692-1613 and select option 2. We answer with a live person, and we try to answer by the second ring.

When making your child’s appointment, please inform us of any drug allergies or medications your child has. Please be specific about where the injury/issue is on your child. Also, please have your insurance card on hand when calling.

If your insurance company requires a referral from your primary physician (all Medicaid plans and some private-pay plans), we will need the referral document prior to scheduling an appointment.

Please know your insurance company’s co-pay and deductible requirements prior to scheduling an appointment.

Be sure to bring photo ID of the person responsible for payment and proof of insurance. You may bring x-rays if they are relevant to your child’s condition, though sometimes they may not be sufficient.

Forms may be downloaded and brought into the office signed, or they may be signed at the office. Please arrive early to your appointment to complete the forms prior to being seen. All forms can be found under Patient Forms, in English and Spanish.

Please complete a:

  1. Patient Demographics page if your child is being seen for the first time at our location or if there are changes to the information supplied previously. Print and review.
  2. Initial Evaluation form, which includes the patient’s medication and allergy history.
  3. Acknowledgement form for receipt of the Notice of Privacy Practiced for Protected Health Information (form 008).
  4. Patient Rights and Responsibilities form
  5. Patient Financial Policy, which will answer most questions about payment for services

Medical cast care


  • Follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Keep your cast clean and dry.
  • File down any rough spots on the cast with an emery board if you prefer.
  • Wear a cast shoe (if one was provided) whenever walking to prevent cast breakage.



  • Insert objects inside the medical cast.
  • Use oils, oil-based lotions or powders near the cast.
  • Pull out or rearrange cast liner.
  • Place additional padding inside the cast.
  • Break off or trim cast edges or attempt to remove cast yourself.
  • Get cast wet, unless directed otherwise by physician.
  • Sunburn the cast area for several days after the cast has been removed.


Contact your doctor if:

  • You have excessive pain or swelling.
  • You feel a blister or sore developing inside the cast.
  • You notice an unusual odor coming from the cast.
  • You suspect the child has placed something inside the cast.
  • You experience numbness or persistent tingling.
  • Your cast becomes badly soiled.
  • Your cast breaks, cracks or develops soft spots.
  • Your cast becomes too loose.
  • You develop skin problems at the cast edges.
  • You develop a fever.
  • You have any questions regarding your treatment.


What about bathing?

  • If you have a leg cast, NO SHOWERS!
  • If you have a short leg cast, you may use a bathtub (with leg elevated). NO SHOWERS!
  • When bathing, place a washcloth on each end of the cast and plastic wrap over the washcloths. Then use a plastic bag (i.e., bread bag, newspaper bag, garbage bag) over the washcloths and cast. Tape securely.


What about itching?Itching is an expected effect of a medical cast. Do not put anything or allow the child to put anything inside the cast to scratch. The reason for itching is the oils of the skin are usually evaporated and wash off during bathing; however, if they are retained inside the cast, they can cause irritation and itching. A good way to eliminate the itching is to take a hair dryer and use it on the COOL setting to blow inside the cast to try to alleviate some of the itching. If that doesn’t help, you can call your doctor and they can give you some other suggestions.


Instrucciones del cuidado de un yeso



  • Siga las instrucciones de su doctor/doctora.
  • Mantenga el yeso limpio y seco.
  • File cualquier parte del yeso que está accidentado con una lima de uñas.
  • Si le han dado un zapato para su yeso, por favor siempre úsalo cuando caminando.



  • Introduzca objectos adentro del yeso.
  • Usen aceite, lociones que tengan aceite, o polvos cerca del yeso.
  • Sacan or reordenan el material adentro del yeso.
  • Pongan material adicional adentro del yeso.
  • Quiebran o reduzcan partes del yeso.
  • Mojan el yeso. A menos con la dirección de su doctor/doctora.
  • Broncearse la parte de la piel que estaba en yeso.


Pongase en contacto con su doctor/doctora si:

  • Tiene dolor o hinchazón excesivo.
  • Siente como tiene una ampolla adentro del yeso.
  • Nota un olor raro que viene de adentro del yeso.
  • Si tienen sospecho que su hijo/hija han puesto algo adentro del yeso.
  • Tiene entumecido la piel o hormigueo persistente.
  • El yeso se ensucia demasiado.
  • El yeso se quiebra, tiene rajas, o partes blandos.
  • El yeso esta demasiado suelto.
  • Tiene problemas con la piel areador del yeso.
  • Tiene fiebre.
  • Tiene alguna pregunta sobre su tratamiento.


¿Y que de bañandose?

  • Si tiene un yeso en la pierna-¡NO USE LA REGADERA!
  • Si tiene un yeso corto en la pierna, puede usar la bañera (con la pierna elevada)- ¡NO USE LA REGADERA!
  • Cuando se esta bañando, ponga una toallita en cada lado del yeso y envuelva la toallita con “saran-wrap”. Luego ponga una bolsa de plástico arreador de las toallitas y el yeso. Asegura con cinta adhesiva.


¿Y la comezon?La comezón es una ocurrencia normal con un yeso. No dejan que su hijo/hija ponga nada adentro del yeso para rascarse. La razón que tiente comezón es que el aceite de la piel se evaporiza cuando nos bañamos, pero cuando tenemos un yeso el aceite esta atrapada adentro del yeso y es responsible para la comezón. Una buena manera de eliminar la comezón es usando una secadora que hecha aire fresco. Si esto no alivia la comezón puede hablar a la clínica para otras sugestiones.

Surgery checklist

Please prepare for your child’s surgery by following these steps:

  • Follow the procedure for foods:
    • Clear liquids (water, apple juice and Pedialyte) up to four hours prior to surgery
    • Breast milk up to six hours prior to surgery
    • Infant formula/solid foods/milk (no meat, fried or fatty foods, i.e., eggs, bacon, cheese, etc.) up to eight hours prior to surgery
  • Register at the Methodist Children’s Hospital Admitting Office located at 7700 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, 78229 no later than the time instructed by the medical assistant.
  • If you are not the parent of the patient, you must bring documentation of legal guardianship to the hospital at the time of registration and admission.
  • Confirm date and time of surgery with the medical assistant.
  • Consult directions to the hospital.

Thank you for coming prepared!

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