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At MEDNAX Radiology Solutions, we do more than clinical studies.

We are also a leading radiology innovator focused on improving patient care through industry-leading technological and clinical expertise.

More than a radiology practice

Our more than 825 board-certified radiologists read more than 11.8 million studies annually. Our mission to Take Great Care of the Patient, every day and in every way ™ pushes us far beyond clinical studies.

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Our MEDNAX Imaging Platform, in strong collaboration between clinical and technical leadership, was designed and developed in-house and is servicing more than 2,100 healthcare facilities nationwide.

This provides us with access to one of the largest and most diverse imaging data set available today and, working with other like-minded AI Innovators, we are jointly focused on delivering on our mission.

Our AI Initiatives are focused on improving radiologist workflows through Triage Models, Radiology Efficiency processes and QA Models.

Specialized Partnerships

Our partners all have unique needs. We don’t subscribe to a one size fits all approach. We seek to understand your data and work with you to develop models that ultimately enhance radiologist performance – not replace it.

Our AI Imaging Platform

Actively being validated

Clinical Models

  • CT Intracranial Hemorrhagic Stroke
  • CTA Aortic Dissection (Ruptured and Unruptured)
  • CTA Pulmonary Embolism
  • XR Pneumothorax

Workflow Models

  • XR Chest View Type Classification
  • US Transvaginal Non-OB Study Type Classification
  • CT Body Region Classification

What Sets Us Apart?


With more than 18 years of radiology experience, we understand radiologists and radiology Workflows. Combine that with industry-leading imaging platform development experience and you truly have a recipe for success.

Diverse Dataset

Reading studies for more than 2,100 facilities nationwide provides us with access to one of the largest and most diverse radiology datasets available today. This allows us to test models at scale.

Validation Timelines

Our access to this diverse dataset allows us to validate models faster and with greater accuracy due the ability to test at scale and in real time through the use of our MEDNAX Imaging Platform.


Our clinical radiologists and technical engineering teams function as one – all focused on improving our MEDNAX Imaging Platform technology to help radiologists do what they do best.

Workflow & Model Testing

With an in-house development team, we have complete control over our workflow and AI model testing, and have formed robust partnership with some of the nation’s leading radiology AI industry leaders.

Our AI in the News

Our Partners

What People are Saying?

"vRad's continuing investment in its technology platform, and its orientation towards persistent innovation are some of the reasons we highly value our partnership."

Peter Wei - Argos Radiology

"The technology platform and continued innovation are some of the main selling points of why we decided to partner with vRad."

Cyrus Samari - Vairtis

"vRad has been a terrific partner in building AI solutions for radiologists. Being both a radiologist and software developer, I have really valued the level of clinical and technical expertise that vRad has provided."

Lawrence Ngo - Hivemed

"Partnering with vRad to develop the next generation of AI enabled radiology tools has been critical to ensuring the high-performance of our algorithms across diverse and heterogeneous datasets. We look forward to many productive future years of close collaboration."

Peter Chang - Avicenna

"Over the years, we have had an opportunity to partner with vRad in multiple roles, including AI algorithm development and clinical care. We have continued this partnership because of their consistent high level of corporate professionalism, ethical integrity, and commitment to a combination of patient care and technology speed which is surprisingly unique amongst their peers. We appreciate their willingness to comprehensively pursue every possible technological edge to drive their services and quality forward."

David Kim – Hudson Digital Health

"vRad's technological and clinical leadership in the teleradiology market, as well as their very large and diverse imaging volume, have provided a tremendous foundation for our partnership, enabling the real-time utilization of our clinically proven AI solutions in vRad's 'in the wild' clinical settings."

Tom Valent – Aidoc

How we're making a difference

Our radiology innovation and technology enhancements
deliver tangible benefits to hospitals, radiologists and private practices.

Improved Patient Care

Reduced MedMal Costs

Improved Quality

Improved Radiologist Efficiency

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