Extend your practice’s coverage or capabilities

Whether you are considering on-the-ground or in-the-cloud daytime support or overnight coverage, MEDNAX Radiology Solutions can serve as an extension of your team to help you streamline operations or grow your imaging service line. No matter what your practice size, we give you the ability to deliver high performance radiology through our focus on four key areas:

Collaboration: Collaboration between our radiologists in-the-cloud and on-site means a fully subspecialized teleradiology team extending your practice and allowing you to throttle up and down, achieving scale with bench strength.

Technology: Our platform provides enterprise access to studies, across multiple disparate hospitals, getting the right study to the right radiologist at the right time. This platform presents practice and hospital-based analytics, giving insight into imaging analytics with peer metrics and benchmarks to drive radiology service line optimization.

Joining MEDNAX has helped us strengthen our on-site radiologist footprint and gives us the IT platform and remote technology we need to expand.

Jason Shipman, MD

Jason Shipman, MD | Radiology Alliance

The ED physicians at our hospitals see vRad as an important extension of the clinical care team. vRad’s remote radiologists are just as concerned about patient care, throughput and management as our on-site physicians.

Kenneth Hite, MD | Medical Director for Radiology, Radiology Consultants of Lynchburg

Join a national leader

There’s a reason more than 300 private practices have chosen to become part of MEDNAX. More than 40 years of practice management experience, local practice governance is the foundation of our business model. Our practice leaders maintain operational and clinical autonomy at the local level, and benefit from administrative support offered by MEDNAX.

Some of the reasons why practices choose to join MEDNAX include:

  • Ability to maintain operational and clinical autonomy
  • Access to a robust data analytics platform and state-of-the art technology
  • Contracting, billing, finance and back office function support
  • Collaboration across practices and specialties
  • Growth through proven sales and marketing resources
  • Financial backing for continued growth and improvement

MEDNAX delivers intuitive, customized solutions to meet your facility’s needs.

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