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Extend Your Practice with Pediatrix Newborn Wellness Coverage

Starting as a single neonatology practice in 1979, we have evolved into a multi-specialty network of experts in women’s and children’s health care. Staffed by neonatal physicians specially trained in newborn care, the Pediatrix Newborn Wellness Program provides care for well babies during their first few days in the hospital. As an extension of your private practice, this program enables pediatricians and family physicians to ensure their newborn patients receive comprehensive, quality care without requiring time away from the office.

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Program Benefits

As neonatal specialists, we play many roles: diagnostician, teacher, counselor, consultant and primary care provider. Our goal is to help each family understand their baby’s diagnosis and treatment options, then develop a plan of care with the family’s participation and input.

Ensure seamless coverage
Each day, a Pediatrix team member is assigned to provide coverage to the neonatal unit and the well newborn nursery.

Improve practice efficiency
Reduce travel time to the hospital to round on newborns while increasing the time you can spend with patients in the office.

Strike work/life balance and improved quality of life
Our service is available 24/7, meaning your patients are covered in the evenings, early mornings, weekends or vacation time—whenever you choose.

Guarantee patient referrals
If a baby is referred to Pediatrix by a specific physician group, our physicians will send that patient to the same referring physician at discharge. Unassigned newborns are referred for follow-up care based on the hospital’s physician-infant rotation.

Improve communication
Our physicians will send a report of an infant’s hospital stay to the follow-up physician at discharge.

Less burdensome—billing
Our staff will handle all in-hospital billing information and authorization requests, reducing administrative time and costs. And, if you see an infant for the first time in your office (not the hospital), you may bill the visit as a new patient.

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Beyond Newborn Wellness Services

Our continuum of care includes:

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