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We ensure high-quality service and passionate care to the hospital, parent and baby as the leading provider of newborn hearing screens.

We recognize each hospital is unique in its daily operations and tailor our Newborn Hearing Screen Program to fit the needs of our partnering hospitals.

Our annual presence:

900,000+ newborns screened

37 states

500+ hospitals

The Pediatrix Newborn Hearing Screen Program has 25+ years of experience running high-quality hearing screen services and more than 10 million babies screened.

Operational Elements

Program Benefits

Early Identification
Early identification provides a unique opportunity for infants to receive early intervention, which can dramatically increase their quality of life.

Quality Metrics
Two nationally recognized metrics for program quality are capture rate and refer rate. Annually, Pediatrix's capture rates exceed national benchmarks (> 95%) with refer rates. Additionally, Pediatrix is hyper-focused on continuous improvement to ensure all infants receive quality screening.

Dedicated staff
Part of the program's strength is the dedication and continuity of the hearing screen staff. This team interacts with parents, audiology providers, primary care physicians, and state and community resources.

Beyond Newborn Hearing Screens

Pediatrix and Obstetrix Medical groups are the largest group of collaborative clinicians caring for patients across the mother/child continuum. Our newborn hearing screen services can be paired with on-site physician services to meet the needs of your community.