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Remote care coordination for newborn hearing screening

The Mednax TeleAudiology Care Coordination Program combines 25+ years of experience implementing and managing hearing screening programs with telemedicine to provide virtual follow-up and care coordination services for newborns and beyond.

Annually, our turnkey program screens

970,000+ newborns

across 36 states

in 465+ hospitals

How does it work?

By utilizing automated auditory brainstem (AABR) technology, our trained hearing screeners evaluate newborns in well-baby nurseries and neonatal intensive care units. Protocols have been developed from evidence-based practice guidelines and published research for optimal screening outcomes.

Infants discharged with a need for additional follow up care, are supported by our virtual care coordination team. The team assists in scheduling diagnostic follow up with a primary care provider(s) and diagnostic audiology facilities to determine the presence or absence of hearing loss.

TeleAudiology Benefits

Early identification of hearing loss allows infants to receive early intervention, which can dramatically increase their quality of life. Our TeleAudiology Care Coordination Program supports your hospital, newborns and their families, primary care providers and other audiological specialists through:

Automated equipment with a simple pass/refer outcome

Bedside screening for the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

Timely discharge and positive patient experiences

Efficient facilitation of information between care teams to achieve EHDI goals

Compliance with state reporting requirements, guidelines, and certifications

Parent satisfaction surveys and evaluation of results for improvement

We recognize each hospital is unique in its daily operations and customize our programs to fit the needs of our partnering hospitals. Elements of our turnkey operation include:

Dedicated on-site staff and local hospital training

Parent education

Protocols, policies and procedures per TJC requirements and HIPAA, OSHA and JCIH guidelines

Equipment supported by secure HIPAA-compliant technology, along with any required maintenance and calibration

Data management and tracking

Quality assurance

We offer a comprehensive suite of telehealth services: