Virtual OB: Monitor your pregnancy from the comfort of home

Imagine having the ability to track your health and that of your unborn baby every week, or even every day, throughout your entire pregnancy. Imagine no longer. Remote pregnancy monitoring is at your fingertips.

Obstetrix® Medical Group and HeraCARE have partnered to bring you the Obstetrix® Virtual OB maternity care program. The program enables you to monitor your pregnancy remotely and more often under the careful supervision of your provider. With personalized apps, a kit of professional-quality connected devices and a blend of in-person and virtual appointments, you will seamlessly track your health and the health of your baby through your entire pregnancy and following birth.

Virtual OB is an important step in defining the future of maternity care. Our goal is to leverage technology to optimize, improve and significantly enhance prenatal care and give you the best possible pregnancy experience.

Key benefits of the program:


Reduce the time spent traveling to and attending monthly in-person visits, replacing some with virtual appointments.

Take your vitals remotely as often as you want.

Listen to your baby’s heartbeat from home, plus share the recording with friends and family.

Gain peace of mind knowing your provider is monitoring your measurements remotely.

Access on-demand educational content by pregnancy week and symptom from the Mayo Clinic.

Access on-demand training videos.

Proactively track your emotional health.

Tracking, education and monitoring after birth, during the postpartum period.

What's in it for you?

  • Peace of mind
  • Empowerment
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Connection

What's in it for us?

  • Healthy mom
  • Healthy baby

Visit with your health care team today to learn more about Virtual OB powered by HeraCARE.


What are the components of Virtual OB?  

The HeraCARE and HeraBEAT apps, and a kit of professional-grade connected devices, including a blood pressure cuff, scale and HeraBEAT fetal heart rate doppler.

Do I take the medical equipment home to use throughout my pregnancy?  

Yes, you will use the kit components at home and return them during your baby’s six-week visit.

Can anyone be part of the Virtual OB program?  

No. At an early appointment, your provider will discuss the program with you to determine if Virtual OB is a good fit for you and your pregnancy. If you decide to be part of the program, you will need to adhere to it throughout all stages of your pregnancy.

Does it cost me anything to be in the Virtual OB program?  

No. At this time, in conjunction with HeraMED, we are piloting the Virtual OB with a limited number of patients and are offering access without charge.

Can I keep my kit?  

No. At this time, we are asking you to please return your kit at your six-week postpartum visit.

Does my care provider monitor what I record in the program?  

Yes. Your care team has direct access to everything you record, including blood pressure, weight, fetal heart rate, mood and more. They will review your measurements and your adherence to the program ahead of each in-person or virtual appointment.

Are all of my appointments virtual?  

No. Some of your prenatal appointments will be in person, but most prenatal visits will take place online via telemedicine (videoconferencing). Your ultrasound scans will be in person.

How much time does this take?  

Anticipate setting aside a total of 20 to 30 minutes per week to take your measurements, especially at the beginning. Tasks will likely require less time as your pregnancy progresses. Also, you can perform your various measurements at different times. There is no need to perform all tasks at the same time.

Do you offer monitoring following birth?  

Yes. At birth, your care plan will change to a postpartum care plan when your provider will monitor vitals, including your blood pressure and your emotional health, in addition to providing educational content specific to this period.

Does the program monitor my emotional health?  

Yes. You will be tasked to record your mood throughout your pregnancy and following birth as well. Your care team will be alerted if you record out-of-range responses. We strongly encourage patients to talk about their emotional health with their care teams.

How can I learn more about HeraCARE?  

Visit their website to learn more. For technical support, call 888-387-3450.

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